• Paul Wade

Talk for Learning

A lot of us would have sat in classrooms and worked silently for long periods of time when we were at school. This is not what classrooms are mostly like these days. Most kids are asked to talk through many of their ideas and to share their thoughts 10-15 times per lesson in talking partners, trios and in groups. This helps them to both properly develop their ideas before answering questions and to pick up on the learning of others. Teachers very rarely just set work and say “get in with it”. So your kids will likely expect to discuss their work before doing it. They can do this with you, or, if you have the technology (most smart phones), you can hook them up on a group chat (pick an app) with their class mates.

Talk for learning is a massively important part of education and the more your child can talk through their ideas, misconceptions and develop their thoughts, the better their work will be. I know this might seem like an awful lot of extra work, but it will mean that once they are ready to ‘go’ they will actually be able to work for longer periods independently and have a better handle on the work they are going to do.


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