Over the spring of 2020, as schools started to close and children began to spend days and then weeks at home, a cry went up from millions of parents the world over: “How do we teach our kids all this stuff? Help!”

I am a teacher and educational leader with twenty years of experience in UK and international schools. Like many in my field, I've heard this cry and have decided to do something about it.

Throughout my career, I have encountered the sort of things that parents struggle with when it comes to homework, or misunderstand about how school works, so I started to suggest a few handy hints to help parents manage the job of getting their child to learn at home. What began as a series of Facebook posts quickly gained momentum and I was soon receiving messages from all around the world, from people I had never met before, thanking me and asking for more. This site is that more.

Helpful Hints for Home Learning aims to provide guidance, suggestions and little tricks of the trade to assist hard-working parents with keeping up with their child's homework, classwork, social interactions and basic life skills, all without necessarily being able to leave the front room. Covering everything from secondary maths problems to how to tie a shoelace, each blog entry deals with a single education issue and tries to make it as simple as possible to tackle at home. Sometimes there will be links to online support, as well as anecdotes to keep you amused.

Just as there are no perfect solutions in education, there are no perfect solutions to home learning. My mantra is ‘do what works’. Hopefully, among these pages, you can find something that works for you. If you can’t, email me, Tweet me, hit me up on Facebook or send a smoke  signal and I’ll try to come up with something that does.